Using Pure Bamboo Deodorise

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Refresh Your Homes – Place a box or bag of Pure Bamboo in each high traffic room in your house to clean the air, remove moisture, absorb chemicals and to balance the energy of the room.

Remove Odours – Place one pouch of Pure Bamboo in your car, wardrobes, laundry room, under sinks, near indoor bins, next to kitty litter, in bathrooms, near shoe racks and any other places where the odour is found. Your Pure Bamboo will completely absorb all odours and refresh the surrounding area.

Prevent Mildew – Place a pouch of Pure Bamboo in shoes and clothes to absorb moisture and prevent mildew from forming. Especially powerful for shoes and boots that are worn regularly, sports shoes and good shoes that you wear on special occasions and walk-in robes located near bathrooms.

Fresh Produce Last Longer with Fridge or Freezer Deodorise

Place one pouch of Pure Bamboo in your fridge or freezer and be amazed at how quickly all smells will vanish. Fresh produce storage using our deodoriser will mean longer lasting produce. Your fresh produce will also last about a week longer because the Bamboo charcoal absorbs the ethylene gas from vegetables and fruits. More effective and longer lasting than bicarb of soda.

Enjoy Clean and Fresh Fruit and Vegetables – Add one teaspoon to a bowl of water and soak your fruit and vegetables for 10 or so minutes to remove germs, bacteria and pesticides from your food. Store fruit and vegetables with a Pure Bamboo stick or pouch in the fridge to keep your food fresher for longer.

Purify Your Drinking Water – Place two to three slices of Pure Bamboo into one litre of water. After 15 to 25 minutes the water will be filtered, the PH level will be balanced and the water will have an improved mineral quality, taste and no odour.

Nourish Your Plants – Fertilize your plants with used charcoal bamboo to improve plant and soil quality.

Improve Your Home Safety – New paint, floor coverings and furniture emit gasses and odours that can be harmful to you and your family. A few pouches of Pure Bamboo will deodorise while absorbing harmful gasses and toxins and clear the chemical smells from the air.

Personal Beauty – Pure Bamboo powder works as a natural exfoliate, as a relaxing hot-spring bath soak and a nurturing skin cleanser to remove toxins and leave you with healthy, radiant skin.

Improve Your Skin and Hair Condition – Use diluted Pure Bamboo vinegar to treat minor skin irritations, to soften skin and as a natural insect repellant.

How To Care For Your Pure Bamboo Deodorise

Once a month, place your Pure Bamboo stalks, slices, pouches and sachets in direct sunlight for two hours per side* and they will last all year.

*Depending on high humidity or rain season you may have to refresh the products more often.

After using your bamboo charcoal for 12 months, break it into pieces and sprinkle it on your garden or blend into your soil. Bamboo charcoal is completely biodegradable and will improve the health of your plants and soil quality.

Please contact us at Pure Bamboo for more information.

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